Virginia Commonwealth University

2016 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign


What is the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC)?

The CVC is the annual charity drive by the employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Designating Charities 100% of your contribution goes to the charity or charities you select.  No overhead costs are deducted from your contribution if you designate a charity. When you do not designate your funds to a specific charity, a portion of your donation will cover campaign administrative costs and the remainder will be distributed proportionally throughout the State to those charities that received designated funds.

What is the relationship between the CVC and the United Way?

The CVC is a program of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United Way is one of over 1,000 non-profit organizations participating in the program.

How do I give to my favorite charity?

You can choose from over 1,000 charities listed in the 2016 Statewide Directory. Click here to access the online directory or click here for a list of charities associated with VCU.

Find your charity's CVC code and enter it on the on-line pledge site.

What methods can I use to contribute to the CVC?

You may donate online or by cash, check or payroll deduction.  If you want to make a donation by credit card, either use a paper pledge card or the employee edirect site at  Please note that if you use this site, you will need to have your state ID number--the number on your health care card (minus the letters).

I used the online system to donate.   Do I still need to turn in a pledge card to my campaign associate?

Not for payroll deduction.  If you are giving by cash or check, make a copy of your online donation and give it with your cash or check to your departmental campaign associate. 

How can I learn more about the charities in the CVC?

You may view the applications of the charities on-line at the CVC web site at  They describe their programs, the groups they serve, and how they are funded. In addition, you can link to charities' web sites if available.

Who should I call if I have a question about the Campaign?

Click here for a list of campaign associates.  If there is not an associate for your area, please contact Debbie Fitzgerald at (University) or Marie Greenwood at (VCU Health).

When do the payroll deductions begin?

Payroll deductions begin with the first paycheck in January 2017 and end with the last paycheck in December 2017.

I want to give a cash or check donation?  How do I do that on-line?

Please make cash or check donations online if possible.  Then print a copy of the online pledge, attach your cash or check donation and give the money to your campaign associate or take to the Cashier's Office at Harris Hall or deposit in the Cashier's Office drop box on the second floor of the VMI Building.   

What do I do with my completed pledge card?

If you must complete a paper pledge card, submit it to your campaign associate or send it to one of the co-chairs.