Virginia Commonwealth University

2016 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

To Make A Pledge

Please use the on-line pledge systems if possible, however, if you'd prefer a paper pledge card, use one of the cards below.  Please make sure that it is completely filled out (with your signature), make a copy for your records, and give it to your campaign associate.

CVC Pledge Form

Please note that the VCU Agency Code is 236, VCU Health System is 206. 

Having a special event with multiple donors?  Use the pledge form below.

CVC Pledge Form Multi Donors

Click here for CVC online directory.

University Employees:

Ways to make a pledge:

  • Click here for our new CVC pledge system using eid. This system can be used for payroll deduction, cash, or check.
  • Please click here to use the State Employee Direct System.  Please use this system for credit card donations.  Please note that you will need your state employee number--the 7-digit number is included within the ID number on your health plan ID card. For instance, if your Anthem health plan ID is YTX1234567XU the Employee Number is 1234567, or if your Aetna health plan ID is 001234567 the Employee Number is 1234567. EmployeeDirect will not recognize your VCU V-ID number.  EmployeeDirect will allow you to search for your Employee Number by using the “Forgot Employee Number” link included in the registration process.  Employees who are not members of the State health plan may also search the "Forgot Employee Number"lin to find their state ID number. Once you have the Employee Number, you may continue registration.  If you have not previously used the Employee Direct system, please click here for additional instructions.

Health System Employees:  make your donation through Employee Self Service on the intranet at VCUHSWEB or at

University & Health System Employees giving cash or checks?  Enter the donation online, make a copy of your pledge and give the check or cash along with a copy of the pledge to your campaign associate for processing or take it to the Cashier's Office at Harris Hall or the VMI Building, second floor Cashier's Office drop box.   Keep a copy for your records.  

Questions?  Contact your campaign associate or Debbie Fitzgerald at or Marie Greenwood at